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Paladin Cards

Paladin Packs 24.6

Paladin Packs 24.6

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Could contain any released pack This $25 Paladin Pack includes Pokémon TCG Packs for a fun surprise at an even better price! Each Paladin pack contains 5 packs of cards Packs that COULD be included:

  • Black and White Plasma Freeze
  • Evolutions Checklane Blister
  •  XY 3 Pack BLister
  • XY Furious Fists
  • Cosmic Eclipse Hidden Fates
  • Guardian Rising
  • SWSH Chilling Reign
  • SWSH Battle Styles
  • SWSH Evolving Skies
  • SWSH Astral Radiance
  • SWSH Fusion Strike
  • SWSH Brilliant Stars
  • SWSH Silver Tempest
  • SWSH Lost Origin
  • SWSH Crown Zenith
  • SWSH Pokemon go
  • SV Base
  • SV Paldea Evolved
  • SV Obsidian Flame
  • SV Paradox Rift
  • SV Temporal Forces
  • SV Paldean FAtes
  • SV 151

*No returns or exchanges are accepted on Paladin Packs . No pack is Guaranteed

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