Meowscarada/Quaquaval ex Deluxe Battle Deck

The new Pokémon TCG: Deluxe Battle Decks offer a step up for players who are ready for a challenge, with more advanced strategies and additional power cards. Each 60-card deck includes 3 foil cards and everything you need to play right away. Let the deluxe battle begin! In each box, you’ll find: • 1 ready-to-play […]

Mini Portfolio (Q3 2023)

Store up to 60 of your latest and greatest Pokémon cards in this mini portfolio. Each portfolio comes with a booster pack from the new Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet expansion, so you can start filling it up right away!

Pokemon 2023 Trick or Trade BOOster

Share Pokemon fun and excitement on the spookiest night of the year with a bundle of BOOster packs! Inside youll find 50 mini packs, each containing three colorful cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Pokémon Holiday Calendar (2023)

25 Days of Pokémon TCG Surprises! Celebrate the season with 25 days of surprises in the Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar! From special foil cards to booster packs and more, there’s a different Pokémon goodie to open every day. The Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar includes 25 surprises to discover: 8 foil Pokémon TCG cards with a […]

Pokemon My First Battle

Your Pokemon TCG Adventure Starts Here! If youve always wanted to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game with family and friends, the Pokemon TCG: My First Battle set is the perfect introduction. With a streamlined game and foolproof guidance, youll be ready to train and battle together. Everything you need for two players is included! […]

Crown Zenith Premium Treasures Collection Morpeko V-UNION Pre-Order

Marnie & Morpeko Unite-with Morpeko V-UNION! In sync with its Trainer Marnie and cheered on by Team Yell, Morpeko dashes into battle as a shockingly powerful Pokemon V-UNION! With the promo cards in this premium set, youll have all the pieces needed to assemble Morpeko V-UNION and put its four attacks into action. You also […]

Kangaskhan and Greninja ex Battle Deck

Your Pokemon TCG Adventure Starts Here! If you've always wanted to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game with family and friends, the Pokemon TCG: My First Battle set is the […]

Charizard ex Premium Collection

Blaze a Trail of Darkness with Charizard ex! Charizard ex burns up the opposition’s lead with the cunning firepower of a Darkness-type Pokémon! Evolve it from Charmander and Charmeleon, then […]

Collector Chest (Fall 2023)

A Treasure Chest Packed with Pokémon! This sturdy metal case contains more than a dozen special Pokémon goodies, including some not found anywhere else. The Pokémon Trading Card Game: Collector […]

Miraidon ex League Battle Deck

Get Charged Up with Miraidon ex & Regieleki VMAX! In each box, you’ll find: 1 ready-to-play 60-card deck 6 damage-counter dice 1 coin-flip die 2 coin condition markers 1 deck […]

Roaring Moon & Iron Valiant ex Box

Bit by Tachyon Bit—a Calamity Storm is Coming! Awakening from a long-gone world is the ferocious Roaring Moon ex—while the resilient Iron Valiant ex beams in from the future! In […]

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

A Classic Never Goes Out of Style! Go back to the beginning with Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic! This timeless collection includes three 60-card decks featuring the original first partner […]