Paldea Evolved’s Top 10 New Pokémon: Unleashing Their Hidden Potential

The Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Paldea Evolved expansion introduces over 150 exciting new Pokémon to the Trading Card Game, each with unique abilities and potential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 new Pokémon to watch out for and share tips on how to make the most of their power in your deck.

  1. Blazendary Ferretail (Fire/Dark): This dual-type Pokémon boasts a powerful ability that can quickly overwhelm your opponents. Its signature move, Flaming Swipe, deals massive damage and has a chance to discard Energy cards from the defending Pokémon.

Tip: Pair Blazendary Ferretail with cards that accelerate Energy attachments or recover discarded Energy cards to maximize its potential.

  1. Glimmerveil Seraphly (Psychic/Fairy): A dazzling support Pokémon, Glimmerveil Seraphly can heal your team and help you set up for powerful combos. Its ability, Veil of Radiance, prevents status conditions and can even heal adjacent Pokémon on your bench.

Tip: Utilize Seraphly in a control-oriented deck focused on stalling and board control to take full advantage of its support capabilities.

  1. Aquagale Torrentail (Water/Flying): This versatile dual-type Pokémon excels in both offense and defense. Its ability, Galeforce Current, allows it to switch between dealing damage and reducing incoming damage.

Tip: Use switch-in and switch-out strategies to make the most of Torrentail’s versatile abilities and keep your opponent guessing.

  1. Terraburst Georock (Fighting/Grass): Georock has a unique ability, Terraformation, which allows it to manipulate the field and create advantageous board positions.

Tip: Build a deck around Georock’s Terraformation ability to disrupt your opponent’s strategies and create unexpected win conditions.

  1. Spectralshade Lunumbra (Ghost/Normal): Lunumbra’s dual typing offers intriguing possibilities, and its signature attack, Shadowstep, can bypass your opponent’s defenses.

Tip: Focus on building a deck around Lunumbra’s evasiveness and combine it with cards that allow for rapid Energy attachments to launch multiple Shadowstep attacks.

  1. Sparkscorch Dynavolt (Electric/Dragon): Dynavolt’s formidable power and unique ability, Voltaic Overcharge, make it a force to be reckoned with. When its ability is active, it deals extra damage and can paralyze opposing Pokémon.

Tip: Maximize Dynavolt’s potential by pairing it with cards that increase its damage output and extend the duration of its ability.

  1. Cryoblaze Frostiger (Ice/Fire): Frostiger’s dual typing and ability, Thermal Equilibrium, enable it to deal damage while also healing itself.

Tip: Use Frostiger in a deck with Energy acceleration and healing support to create a hard-to-defeat wall that can also dish out damage.

  1. Lumivine Solaris (Grass/Steel): Solaris’s ability, Photosynthetic Armor, provides an excellent combination of offense and defense, powering up its attacks while reducing incoming damage.

Tip: Take advantage of Solaris’s dual typing by combining it with other Grass and Steel-type Pokémon to create powerful synergies and strategies.

  1. Psystorm Neuragon (Psychic/Dragon): Neuragon’s unique ability, Mindstorm, allows it to disrupt your opponent’s strategies by discarding cards from their hand.

Tip: Pair Neuragon with other Psychic-type Pokémon that focus on hand disruption and control to create a suffocating, pressure-based deck.

  1. Galewing Airstriker (Flying/Fighting): Airstriker’s powerful attacks and ability, Aerial Assault, make it a formidable addition to any deck. Its dual typing allows it to hit hard against multiple types of opposing Pokémon.

Tip: Combine Airstriker with cards that increase its attack power and cards that grant additional Energy to take full advantage of its Aerial Assault ability.

The diverse range of powerful new Pokémon in Paldea Evolved offers endless possibilities for deck building and strategy. Experiment with these top 10 picks and their unique abilities to create a truly unstoppable team. Don’t forget to visit Paladin Cards to purchase your boosters, preconstructed decks, and other Paldea Evolved essentials to build the ultimate deck!

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