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Paladin Cards

$100 Paladin Card Mystery Boxes

$100 Paladin Card Mystery Boxes

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Our $100 Pokemon Mystery Boxes are a fan favorite…

Looking for the perfect gift for the Pokemon fan in your life?

Look no further than the Pokemon Mystery Box!

Our Pokemon Mystery box is jam-packed with an amazing assortment of Pokemon cards, accessories, and more from some of the latest and greatest sets. With new and vintage items included, there’s something for everyone in this box.

Customer feedback has been phenomenal, so don’t wait – grab a Mystery Box today!

No two Pokemon Mystery Boxes are the same!

Every mystery box is full of all sorts of great Pokemon items, including cards from a variety of different sets, card accessories, toys, figures, and much more. Everything is chosen from our vast inventory. There’s something for everyone in this Mystery Box, so don’t miss out!

Our Pokemon Mystery Boxes are a guaranteed value!

This $100 Pokemon Mystery Box includes an assortment of Pokémon TCG products for a fun surprise, sure but- we guarantee the total market value at the time of shipping to be at or greater than $100.

As a side note, these are not like the mystery boxes you can find in a store like Walmart or Walgreens that were made with a large quantity of lower-value items and then seeded with a few higher-value items where the mystery boxes then become a kind of lottery game.

There is no value risk in our mystery boxes- you get great fun and value every time, so load throw one into your cart now!

What is a good Pokemon mystery Box?

We think we know a thing or two about building a Pokemon Mystery Box and since we’ve had many repeat customer requests to purchase more, we figure we’re on the right track.

Based on customer reviews, they repeatedly e-mail in to tell us they’ve had a blast opening our mystery boxes.

How many mystery boxes do you have in stock?

We don’t stock mystery boxes in a ready to ship status. Instead, we hand pack each box when they are ordered. If you are interested in more than one, we usually do not have a limit on how many you can purchase- we create them when they are ordered. Contact us today if you have questions.

What can you get in a mystery box?

A Pokemon mystery box could include a variety of things- It could include a mix of different sealed sets, booster packs, special cards, card accessories, and more. It could also include graded cards of all sorts, as well as rare vintage cards.

Depending on current inventory on hand, mystery boxes may include FACTORY SEALED items from any set from the Sword and Shield and/or Sun and Moon series and possibly even XY era items.

How many cards do you get in a mystery box?

There isn’t a set number due to the varying market values of different items, if there are higher value items, there will be fewer items…

Think of it like this…

How many Vivid Voltage packs would you trade for one Hidden Fates pack?

That is part of the fun of a Pokemon Mystery Box- you know you will get value, but the surprise in store for you is the mystery.


What about returns or exchanges?

*No returns or exchanges are accepted on Mystery Box items.

Thank you for picking our shop to fulfill your Pokemon and other card store needs we believe we have the best items at a price you’ll love.

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Paladin Cards is your store for Pokemon! We carry all the fan favorites like battle styles, fusion strike, champion’s path, ultra prism, unbroken bonds, shining fates, crimson invasion, evolving skies, unified minds, and even base set Pokemon singles! We’ve had a blast opening Hidden Fates, Champion’s Path, Evolving Skies booster packs– what’s your favorite?

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