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One Piece TCG: 3D2Y Starter Deck (ST-14)

One Piece TCG: 3D2Y Starter Deck (ST-14)

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Enhance your ONE PIECE CARD GAME experience with the Post-Summit War-themed Starter Deck.

Featuring the Straw Hat Crew and their two years of rigorous training after the Summit War, this deck also introduces new Characters like Haredas and Heracles.

Showcase your strategic skills by building a cost-effective Black Deck with high-cost allies. Utilize the unique tactic of increasing the cost of Characters on your field to gain an advantage in gameplay.

This all-in-one product includes 5 holographic cards and holo+textured foil leader cards, making it perfect for newcomers to learn the game. Combine cards from this deck with previously released ones to create diverse and powerful decks.

• Constructed Deck ×1 (51 cards)
• DON! Card x10
• Play Sheet x1

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